Using the RVR + Raspberry Pi 2?

Everything here points to using the RPi 3, which I have and it is working.

But I also have an RPi 2, which I cannot get to work between the serial tty showing up as tty1 to python problems.

Is there is real reason the RVR should NOT work with a RPi 2?

And if it should work, has anyone gotten it to work yet ?

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Hey @john.tilghman!

Super happy to hear that you were able to connect your Pi 3 to your RVR and have some fun :smiley:

Could you elaborate a bit more on what, exactly, isn’t working with python when you try to use RVR with your Pi 2? While the SDK, as written, may not work with the Pi 2 “out of the box”, you should be able to make some tweaks to get the two to connect…

In regards to your port issues, the most recent version of the SDK exposes the assignment of the serial port, so you can change it to reflect those for the Pi 2 :relaxed:

All in all, if you are working with the preconfigured image, this GitHub thread should help you get up and running. Otherwise, shoot us a screenshot of your terminal session and we’ll see what we can do to help out!

Looking forward to hearing more!