What acccessies are compatable with the bolt?

I just purchased my 8 year old the bolt as his Christmas gift, I hope I made the right selection! I have been trying to ensure he has all protective equipment but it seems as if most accessories are only compatible with the 2.0. First should I exchange it for a 2.0? Second, if not is there a chariot, cases, skins for this one? Any other suggestions of what will help him to enjoy this gift?

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Hey @Mandiferlyne!

I think you’ve made an excellent choice! (I am looking forward to getting a BOLT, myself) The BOLT and 2.0 are the same size, so the chariot, cases and skins will fit both models :slight_smile: (eg the turbo cover, the nubby cover and the Sphero Chariot all work with BOLT)

Our applications (Edu and Play) have fun and educational activities that will help your son get the most out of his BOLT, and there is a “Show and Tell” section of this Community, where he can get ideas (and post about his own!).

We are so happy to have you as a part of the Sphero family and can’t wait to see all that you accomplish :relaxed:


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