What happens when Star Wars app support stops?

I heard that now that Sphero has discontinued Star Wars products, app support will eventually cease. What does this mean? Will the app no longer be available to download? Will the app uninstall itself? Will other developers be allowed to create apps that can wake and control the robots? Or will the robots become inert paperweights because there is no more software to activate them?

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In my experience, as long as you have the app already installed you’ll be fine. I have multiple apps that are no longer available on the app store, and they are working just fine. The only concern you should have is making sure you don’t accidentally uninstall it.

Greetings! Thanks for checking on the Star Wars app - -We fully intend to keep the Droids App by Sphero and BB-8 app available indefinitely. Our help desk will gladly address any functionality questions you may with the app, compatibility questions, etc.


What about making the Star wars app, or making a different no license required generic app that can give more functionality & customization control over these little bots? Give these loved little droids a new leases on life & usefulness.


thanks for your great input!

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