What options exist to use it why a Python 2 environment like ROS?

I am using ROS melodic in raspberry PI, but it is 2.7…
What is a fancy way to use this Python 3 library with it?

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well, i was able to figure out that yuo can do this with sockets. Ideally would be nice to just use python3, but the ROS environment on a PI is not ready for that yet…maybe tomorrow? HAHAHA
so, in that case use roslibpy with the python3 setup to get info from and to the robot, and then use rosbridge running in ROS with python2 environment. That is outside of this default environment, and I should do a write up when complete.


Great to hear even more people are getting ROS to work with RVR, how did it work out? Would you mind sharing your code, I’m guessing you’ve written a teleop node?

I’m very keen to read your writeup!

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