What part of the robot is the origin for locator (x,y) coordinates?

Using SpheroRvrAsync.drive_to_position_* functions, what part of the robot moves to the specified position, e.g. front-center, or center-center, or some other part?

(The same question could be applied to the sensor streaming “Locator” - when it gives a location it is necessary to understand which part of the robot is at that location).

It’s rather important if using an ultrasonic sensor for obstacle avoidance to be sure whether a drive_to_position call might cause some part of the robot to collide with an obstacle.

It would be great if the docs in the Python SDK code could be updated with the information (or perhaps it is mentioned somewhere and I missed it).


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My experience is the center of the RVR. When it rotates it rotates around the center point. That doesn’t change the location. If the position is elsewhere it would change on rotation.