What's in the unit

The Sphero home page does a good job of telling us what’s in the box but we also need to know what’s in the unit.

How many sensors and what kind?
What interfaces are available?
Does it come with a battery?
How long does the battery last under normal use?
What kind of processor is used?

When trying to develop applications and determining if a unit will work it’s necessary to determine if it’s compatible with the idea.

It would be nice to have a spec page so that when I need to answer question before I buy I might know the answer.


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The Documentation pages should provide the information you need.

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You can find answers about sensors and such on the FAQ Page too!

It does come with a battery and you can buy extras on the site :slight_smile: (I keep one on the charger at all times, so I am never waiting on a battery)
Battery Life (this is what we can commit to, but I’ve seen it last much longer and others have commented on this forum about how impressed they are with the battery life)

I think the only question that is touched on, but not explicitly answered elsewhere on the site is that our processors are a Nordic Chip (mostly for bluetooth, but it fills a few other functions) and an ST Chip (for the bulk of the functionality).

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I am actually planning on doing a battery test some time soon, as I’ve taken it out for hours and haven’t even been able to use 1/4 of the battery. The only thing that might get in the way is the engine overheating… Any suggestions on how to prevent that?

Hey @Emerald_RVR are you frequently getting thermal warnings?

Good ways to prevent it are to make sure you take some breaks while running it, try to avoid taxing motor events like stalling (wheels gets stuck but motors are still trying to move), and you can also add a nice 5V usb fan to the top above the motors to be sure



Ohhhh, That’s what it is. Because of the loose threads coming off, my RVR kept stalling. That’s probably the problem.

One thing I have noticed is that the RVR starts frantically spinning its wheels when it notices that it’s not moving forward. This means it goes out of control occasionally. It’s not much of a problem, but it would be nice if it could recognize the fact that it was picked up a bit better, to decrease its frantic spinning.