What's the most I can hack my SPRK+ beyond just the apps?

Hey folks,

I’m an advanced programmer looking to go beyond what I can do with the Sphero official apps on my Android & Mac. How can I dig deeper into this thing?

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If you search for Sphero on GitHub or other public repos you will find several SDKs to control your Sphero robot from a host (like a Mac) by different programming languages.

— Marc

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GitHub was the first place I searched, and all I saw was a bunch of deprecated SDKs by Sphero. The Sphero Edu app is built in Electron + JS, so I’m surprised they don’t make that source code public. I suppose I could just go into the app folder and unminify the code to extract the JS code needed for direct access. What I’d like to do is have long-running processes that can receive messages via the Internet and then send instructions to the Sphero SPRK+.

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@SpheroChrissy @SpheroDani Please release the Sphero Edu Electron app source code! We need a way more under-the-hood way to interact with Sphero, outside of the official app.

(or at least publish an updated npm package that lets us write the same JS code we can inside Sphero Edu)

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