When will Star Wars app for bb9e droid come back to play store?y

I just bought the bb9e droid but it wasn t a nice surprice that the Star Wars app is no longer in Play Store. Without the app the droid is nothing and I have been thinking should I take it back to the shop I bought it from if there is no idea if or when the app will come back to the play store. How can it been sold still in shops and the internet store s even there is no app for it and this problem is not told to people who want to buy it?


Hi MarianneB,

I purchased my BB-9E on Nov. 2018, I dowloaded all the apps in ios before they were discontinued and removed from the ios app store, so I was fortunate. I went to the app store today on my iPhone it looks like all of the Sphero apps except for the original Sphero app are still available in the ios store. I’m sorry to hear the Star Wars app is no longer available in the Google Play store. Have you tried the Sphero Edu app ? I know it supports all the Sphero bots, but I have never really tried the app, so I couldn’t say what features it offers for the Sphero BB-9E. It is to bad when a device that requires an app to function has been discontinued even if the product is new, you may not be able to use the device.

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For more info and a possible solution to your problem I would recommend checking out the already existing conversation about the app. Scroll to the bottom of the thread to find a few ways you can still make your droid work.

Hope it helps.