Where to buy Sphero parts in Europe?

Hey All,

I’m really liking my Sphero RVR and wanted to work on a second project using the RVR. To do so I was planning on buying a second back plate so I don’t need to disassemble the first project: https://sphero.com/collections/all/products/rvr-mounting-plate-clear

However, I live in Europe (Netherlands) and it costs 103 dollars (!!) to ship to the Netherlands. :frowning:

I did find a Sphero Retail Partners link via Google, but the link seems to be dead: https://sphero.com/pages/find-a-retailer

Does anyone know where I can buy this in Europe? Thanks!

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Hello @PolarBear023,

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Really sorry to hear that shipping to EU is so expensive. I don’t know of specific retailers that would have that plate, but I will ask around.
Another option you have is to 3D print it yourself, we posted the files for that on Thingiverse.

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Hey @quentin,

Thank you so much for the link! That helps out a lot, I completely missed that the 3D parts were openly available. Now I can also print the back plate in cool colours :smiley:
Thanks again!

Edit: Also to help others looking for an answer to the original question. I also asked this to Sphero Support, and they said the retail partners of Sphero are: Amazon, Apple, and Best Buy. Unfortunately they don’t seem to sell Sphero replacement parts as of yet. But support also said:

We do plan to expand our products into our authorized retailer partners in the future. I do not have an exact estimated time frame on when that will take place.

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