Why I cannot connect BB-8 to my cell phone?

I just bought a black version BB-8. After downloading app, it always show that no finding BB-8. I don’t how to run BB-8. Thanks.

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@brightnbubbly will probably give the better of explanations, but I might as well share this video in case you haven’t seen it yet.

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Hey @Guochen!

That sounds frustrating!

Is your BB-8 (sounds like you have a BB-9E? but that’s just a technicality :wink:) powered on when you’re trying to connect to it?
Where are you looking for the device (in the list of available bluetooth devices in general? In the Sphero Edu App? In one of the Sphero Star Wars Apps?)?

You’ll know it is powered on if your bot is lighting up. If you place it on the charging base (with the charging base plugged into a power source), it should light up, but it may need a little push via you pressing the button on the side of your base :wink: And then you should see it in one of the Sphero apps (as opposed to the general list of bluetooth devices your phone can find in its vicinity).

Let me know if you are still having issues after trying any of the above that you have not yet tried!


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